Hair Removal in History

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Laser hair removal is an increasing popular beauty treatment, requested each and everyday by men and woman the world over. While laser hair removal is a modern activity, hair removal is a pursuit with which humans have had a longstanding history.

Laser hair removal services as we know them today are the result of many attempts throughout history, to remove unwanted hair.

Occasionally referred to as epilation (the intentional removal of a person’s body hair by the roots) or depilation can apparently be traced back as far as 30,000 B.C. when men began using flint razors to shave.

There were reports of golden razors being found among the contents of Queen Hetepheres’ tomb, which was located near the Great Pyramid of Giza. She is thought to have died during the reign of her son the Pharaoh Khufu who reigned between 2590 and 2568 B.C. Sometime around 600 B.C. Egyptian priests started shaving their entire bodies in ritual cleansings.

It has been said that Alexander the Great was preoccupied with shaving and as a result shaving became popular among the people of Rome. It was around this time the first barbershops came into existence and woman started experimenting with methods of hair removal.

Hair removal was common during 15 and 1600’s with European woman plucking and shaving their faces, eyebrows and foreheads.
It wasn’t till the year 1770 when the concept of a safety razor was first introduced to the world by a French barber called Jean-Jacques Perret in his book The Art of Learning to Shave Oneself.

It has been suggested that the first case of electrolysis occurred in 1875 and was preformed by Dr. Charles Michel from St. Louis in the United States. Not long after this the first safety razor was developed.

So, we can see that the human obsession with hair removal extends into the distant past, many eras passed between the first primitive razor and todays more modern approach of laser hair removal. When it comes to laser hair removal Cape Town locals can rest easy in the knowledge that they are in safe and caring hands with the specialists at Bare SA.